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Use Case

Travel agencies and airlines can use akoma to send notificaiton to their travelers

Travel agencies & Airlines

Travel agencies and airliens can use akoma to to send notificaiton to thier travelers such as the electronic tieckets Boarding pass flight delay or cancelation alos it can be a marketing tool to send helpful information about the airport and destination city

Use Case

Retailers can add akoma to their online shopping channles and also for after sales services

Retail & Online shopping

Retailers can use akoma to boost their online shopping, akoma can get into an automated conversation with the cusotmers and send details about the products and models at the same time it can collect the customer prefrences such as the color they want or their sizes and gives the option to deliver the items to customer door or to share the details of the nearst collect point.

Use Case

Banking can use akoma to report account, services, activities including all the self services and customer support

WhatsApp Business for Banking

Banks can use akoma whatsapp Business to provide update on transactions such as self services informaiton (Account Balance, Transactions, Statment Request …etc) also can be use for authorizing transactions and information update. for Stock trader bank can notify a target price for sell or buy stock and process it with simply reply Yes or No

Use Case

Shipment tracking and parcels update with a direct integration as a self service.

logistics & Transportation

logistics and transporastion can benifit akoma to insure fast and flexable delivery of parcels, so easly the customers can comunicate to the system and and get the parcel update and delivery date and location wihtout human interaction.

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we can help you to build your own customized use case as per your Business need, regardless of your backend system or platform either its on primse or on cloud. also we can tailor the features or reporting you need so sky is our limit just contact us and let us build a successful story together.

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