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What is akoma platfrom?

Akoma is a platform that enables your customer to engage with your organization either via human agent, or chatbots to response a customer’s chatting or to send notification.

What are the requirements for a business to be approved for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp requires compliance with the WhatsApp Business Solution Terms, with the WhatsApp Business Solution Policy and with their Commerce Policy. As part of the approval process, the business and use case are being considered to make sure the usage is in line with the above guidelines.

What is the cost of the WhatsApp service?

WhatsApp service is being charged per message fees for the template messages. There are two types of messages: Notification messages are being charged with WhatsApp fee and akoma fees. Customer Care messages are being charged with akoma fees only. You can find more information about the cost of sending WhatsApp messages here.

What are the suitable use cases for WhatsApp Business?

You can use WhatsApp Business for a conversation initiated by your business (Agent, chat-bots, Self-service) or by your customers. Suitable use cases include customer service, rich content notifications.

What are the content files type I can share in Akoma?

Using akoma you can leverage on rich content (image, sound, documents location etc)

Is end-to-end encryption maintained through the WhatsApp Business?

Yes, end-to-end encryption of the message happens between the WhatsApp Business Client and the end user.

Can I run multiple WhatsApp Business Clients with the same phone number?

NO! But akoma platform allow you to use one Whatsapp number for more than one service team.

Can messages be formatted?

Yes! WhatsApp allows you to format selected text inside your messages with Bold, Italics, Strikethrough or Monospace.

How do I know if a user has blocked my business?

Currently, there is no way to see how many or which users have blocked your business. The best indicator would be to check Akoma reporting for the non-delivered messages.

What are the file size limits?

The maximum file upload size is 32 MB, which means this limit also applies to any image, document, or video you send with a message.

Which businesses can use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business solution can be used by enterprises of all sizes that want to manage conversations with their customers and provide useful information quickly and easily.

Do I need opt-in?

Yes, you need an active opt-in from the customer in order to be allowed to contact him/her using WhatsApp Business. You can, for example, add a checkbox on your website for the customer to opt-in. Alternatively, your customer may also initiate a conversation with your company on WhatsApp.

Can I send marketing messages on WhatsApp?

Marketing messages are currently not allowed by WhatsApp.

How to get started?

please reach out to our team at:

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