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WhatsApp Business in action

Elevate customer experiences with the WhatsApp Business API to send notification, customer service and self service to boost your business

We support text, location and media messages (images, audio, videos, documents or archives).

Get control of everything from the Web Console UI. Browser messages, send new messages, see metrics, review logs.

Chat bots

Allow auto reply with your chat bot and self-service to update/ notify or collect information you’re your customers

You can send text or media messages to multiple chat groups for marketing announcements or offers.

You can send a survey for your customers to evaluate your services either manually by agents or automated triggered by platform integration.

Get the power of Digital transformation to automate your services with no agent involvement.

Borderless communications. Any country, any phone number 24/7 get closer with your customers.

Get full statistics about your customer communication with a lot of reports which will empower your marketing and to improve your services

Messages can be prioritized based on user, service, and needs, so you don't have to care about queues.

With scheduled message you can define the date and time for specific message to be sent to customer or group of customers

For better service integration is a must our platform can integrate with any backend system such as CRM, Help Desk, ERP, Call centers.

Enable human agents and bots to send rich message types like buttons and carousels to any channel from our platform.

Your Business in WhatsApp

akoma Self services has a direct secure and easy to use integration methods to your backend systems that allows you to reduce the customers interaction with agents.

Amazing Practical
Features Included

Akoma has a lot of practical features that makes it easy for us to communicate efficiently and securely with our customers specially when it comes to self services which was not possible with any other messaging solution using another factor also is reporting Akoma provide a set of reporting for the service and the agents including all the conversations and interaction with the customers

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Auto Welcoming message to the user.

Rich media content (images, files, videos, audios)

chat-bots and self-services integration

Natively secure 2WAY communication

Branded and “verified” Sender ID

Flexible Queuing Capability

Secure web based

akoma platform is an intuitive web-based agent workspace making it easy for agents to handle multi channel conversations at a time across a customer experiance channels.. And with robust reporting & analytics capabilites, it’s easy to monitor and enhance your bsuiness KPIs to insure ROI.


Get in touch with your clients the way they like

Akoma will get you much more closer with your customers beside your other communicants channels to stay in the competition.

Without an army of agents you can, akoma chat bot and self services will make customer communication easy and effeciant.

Get detailed messaging results, including timestamps, delivery status, and error states for all the message.

Our paltform support IFrame itegration where you can embedd whatsapp cahting in your Helpdesk or CRM application.

Request a Demo Today & Experience Endless Possibilities.

Part of norrberg products specialized and focused organization on machine Intelligence that mimic “cognitive” functions that humans associate with, our platform allows you to reach you customers in the social media where they are.

Support & Services

For support and services you can contact us using our Whatsapp Business or email us on

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